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14th Biennial HAAS Conference - America Beyond Crisis: Regeneration, Coping, Healing

May 24-25, 2024

University of Szeged

Department of American Studies

contact: haas2024@ieas-szeged.hu

web: https://amerikanisztika.ieas-szeged.hu/haas2024

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The HAAS 2024 conference invites contributions that address diverse modes and narratives of moving beyond crisis in American culture. The presentations are to explore the possible uses of dialogue, negotiation, coping mechanisms, mobility or hybridisation in various attempts to tackle senses of crisis, ambiguity, and various forms of cultural, political, social, linguistic, mental, affective, moral disorder represented by cultural forms within the contexts of transnational American Studies. The general aim is to further explore the ways methodologies in the humanities may diagnose, process, and proactively prevent the cultural experience of crisis in diverse transnational American contexts. Scholars and PhD students from various fields including literature, history, social and cultural studies, visual culture, politics, applied linguistics, etc. are encouraged to offer their critical insights on any aspect of crisis and regeneration in American culture.

Potential paper and panel submissions can address but are not limited to:

● narratives of crisis, coping, healing

● languages of crisis and regeneration

● displacement and migration as ways of regeneration

● activism, solidarity, consciousness-raising and crisis management

● the ethics of crisis management

● crises and negotiations in diplomacy

● hybridization and healing

● climate change, climate crisis

● gendered perspectives on coping

● economic depression and regeneration

● crisis as an opportunity


Abstracts should be submitted to our website at https://  between November 20, 2023 and February 15, 2024. Submitters will receive notification of acceptance by March 15, 2024.

The conference will be arranged as an onsite conference at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of the University of Szeged (Szeged, Egyetem u 2).

Conference proceedings are to be published by Americana Ebooks.


Please, fill in the registration form at the following link: https://amerikanisztika.ieasszeged.hu/haas2024


For presentations, an abstract of around 250 words (in English) and a short bio of 80 words should be uploaded at the end of the registration form.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: February 15, 2024.