EAAS Postgraduate Travel Grants

EAAS Postgraduate Travel Grants

EAAS Postgraduate Travel Grants

NOTE: Please use the address aleksandra.izgarjan@ff.uns.ac.rs for all your questions regarding the Travel grant. Send your applications ONLY to this email address. Thank you!

Postgraduate students in the Humanities and Social Sciences who are registered for a higher research degree at any European university in the country/territory of the national/regional association, and have been members of an American Studies association belonging to EAAS for at least one year may apply.

The Transatlantic Grant will permit the holder to conduct research which illuminates a particular area of American Studies in a designated university, independent research organization or archive in the United States.

The term of the grant will be between three weeks (minimum) and eight weeks (maximum). Successful applicants will receive a grant intended to cover round trip travel and some of the living expenses. Only students registered for a Ph.D. are eligible to apply for the Transatlantic Grants.

The Intra-European Grant will allow the recipient to conduct research for a period of up to four weeks in an American Studies Center or university library or archive in Europe. Graduate students who are registered either for a Ph. D. or a Master's degree by research are eligible to apply for Intra-European Grants.

Applications must be made on the official form and should include written confirmation from the host institution that the researcher will have access to the necessary resource materials, and a letter from the student's academic supervisor. Applicants will be required to supply a detailed estimate of the cost of their visit, including the cost of travel, subsistence, and incidentals. They should also state the minimum amount of money needed to make the trip possible. Applicants are encouraged to seek supporting or matching funding wherever possible.

Grant recipients will be responsible for making their own arrangements for travel and accommodation. Travel must be completed within twelve months of the grantee being notified of the award.

Grantees are required to submit a report to the EAAS Vice President within thirty days of returning from their research visit. Obviously the report should include the grantees' institution and destination. Previous reports are accessible below.

The application deadline (receipt of the application) is May 31 of each year. You may download the Application Form as a PDF here.

Please send the application form with all accompanying documents to Dr Aleksandra Izgarjan, Vice-President of the EAAS attached to an e-mail: aleksandra.izgarjan@ff.uns.ac.rs


Travel reports


Sara Riccetti(pdf)

Janice Lynne Deitner (pdf)

Isabel Marqués López (pdf)


   Tionne Alliyah Parris (pdf)

   Vincent Veerbeek (pdf)

David Cardillo (pdf)

Favian Mostura (pdf) 

Matteo M. Rossi (pdf) 

Denisa Krásná (pdf) 

Beatriz Hermida Ramos (pdf) 


   Vasileios N. Delioglanis (pdf)


Sophie H. Jones (pdf) 

Joanna Makowska (pdf)

Joe Ryan-Hume (pdf)

Timo Schreder (pdf)

Marian Suciu (pdf)


Jurrit Daalder (pdf)

Noelia Gregorio (pdf)

Rory McGinley (pdf)

Rosemary Pearce (pdf)

Alex Runchman (pdf)

Eszter Szep (pdf)

Benjamin Young (pdf)


Darryl Barthe (pdf)

Lorenzo Costaguta (pdf)

Miranda Corcoran (pdf)

Stephan Delbos (pdf)

Lukas Etter (word doc)

Anna Fyta (word doc)

Frank Gerits (word docx)

Gaetan Maret (pdf)

Amelia Precup (pdf)

Saskia Tielens (pdf)

Marta Werbanowska (pdf)


Luca Trenta (pdf file)

Roxana Ghita (pdf file)

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