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Call for Papers - ACLA 2022 Seminar: Toni Morrison in Global Contexts

ACLA 2022 Seminar: Toni Morrison in Global Contexts

CALL for Papers -- please submit paper proposals via the ACLA (American Comparative Literature Association) portal: https://www.acla.org)

Organizer: Hsiu-chuan Lee (Professor, Department of English, National Taiwan Normal University; email: hclee@ntnu.edu.tw)

Nobel laureate Toni Morrison passed away in 2019, yet the repercussions of her writings and thoughts remain on the rise across the globe. While being acclaimed, as in the words of the 1993 Nobel Prize committee, for giving “life to an essential aspect of American reality,” Morrison’s writings have found resonances beyond the national boundary of US-America and engaged concerns as wide-ranging as transnational movements of people and ideas, international war traumas, global capitalism, cosmopolitics, and humanity/human relationships in general.

This seminar invites submissions that read Morrison, her writings and her legacies from global and transnational perspectives. Paper proposals on the circulation and translation of Morrison’s writings beyond US-America, on Morrison’s international stature, on her engagement with transnational and diasporic politics, or on her impact on global reading and writing of literature are all welcome. Papers developing from first-hand experiences of translating Morrison or teaching Morrison in different cultures are also welcome. In addition, this seminar is interested in looking for new theoretical interventions and comparative/interdisciplinary methodology to highlight Morrison’s contribution to transnational intellectual history.