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The EAAS newsletter, American Studies in Europe, was published in a paper version until 1999. Since then, it has appeared twice a year as an e-journal.

Beginning with issue #65, the website has served as the regularly renewed news hub of the Association, and the Newsletter no longer duplicates information that can be found more easily on the EAAS website and is regularly updated by the webmaster (look for the updating date at the bottom of the page).

- The minutes of the board meetings are now accessible from our "About EAAS" menu.

- There is a page for each member association or cluster of national associations that lists its website, its officers and reports of recent activity as provided under their responsabilty. Various European networks of American Studies have pages in our "EAAS Networks" section and can also have their reports of activities posted there.

- Grants are advertised on the EAAS Grants page. Postgraduate travel grant reports are at the bottom of the EAAS Grants page.

- The EAAS site also has a section to advertise new publications in English by members of the EAAS member associations.

- Miscellaneous news, such as calls for articles, annoucements of international seminars, occasionally appear in the bottom section of the front page and in this menu, which also includes partner resources.

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Updated October 1, 2016.

American Studies in Europe (ASE)

Issue no. 65, February 2012 (1,7 Mb)

Issue no. 64, July 2011 (low resolution, 979 KB)

Issue no. 64, July 2011 (print quality, 5 MB)

Issue no. 63, February 2011 (low resolution)

Issue no. 63, February 2011 (print quality)

Issue no. 62, July 2009 (950 KB)

Issue no. 61, November 2008 (1 MB)

Issue no. 60, March 2008 (0.9 MB)

Issue no. 59, November 2007 (661 KB)

Issue no. 58, May 2007 (708 KB)

Issue no. 57, October 2006 (855 KB)

Issue no. 56, February 2006 (2.4 MB)

Issue no. 55, October 2005 (821 KB)

Issue no. 54, May 2005 (821 KB)

Issue no. 53, October 2004 (564 KB)

Issue no. 52, May 2004 (1.3 MB)

Issue no. 51, October 2003 (1.7 MB)

Issue no. 50, May 2003 (1.1 MB)

Issue no. 49, October 2002 (538 KB)

Issue no. 48, February 2002 (1.6 MB)

Issue no. 47, October 2001 (1.1 MB)

Issue no. 46, May 2001 (502 KB)

Issue no. 45, September 2000 (260 KB)

Issue no. 44, February 2000(260 KB)

Issue No. 43, September 1999(174 KB)

Issue No. 42, May 1999(306 KB)

Note: The newsletters are PDF-Files. You need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them. You can download the Reader here.

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