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About EAAS Constituent Members
ASAT • American Studies Association of Turkey

Website: http://www.asat-jast.org/

Contact: info@asat-jast.org

President: Meldan Tanrısal
Department of American Culture and Literature, Hacettepe University.  Beytepe 06532  Ankara, Turkey.
Phone: +90 312 2978500
E-Mail: meldant@hacettepe.edu.tr

Vice-President: Tanfer Emin Tunç
Department of American Culture and Literature, Faculty of Letters, Hacettepe University, Beytepe 06532 Ankara, Turkey
Phone: +90 312 297 8500
E-Mail: tanfer@hacettepe.edu.tr

Secretary: Berkem Gürenci Sağlam
Department of English Language and Literature,
Çankaya University.
E-mail: berkem@cankaya.edu.tr

Treasurer: Vahit Yaşayan
Department of American Culture and Literature, Faculty of Letters, Hacettepe University, Beytepe 06532 Ankara, Turkey
Phone: +90 312 297 8500
Email: yasayan@hacettepe.edu.tr

Recent activity

  • Fall 2017: 38th International ASAT Conference in Ankara (Hacettepe University) on the theme of Love (CFP forthcoming).
  • November 2015: 37th International ASAT Conference in Antalya (Akdeniz University) on the theme of Transnational American Studies.
  • Hosted 2012 EAAS Conference in Izmir
  • 2014 ASAT Conference in Erzurum (May 14-16) on the theme of “American Fantasies and Dreams.” Our CFP can be found here: www.asat-jast.org

2012-2013 Speaker Series (with more speakers scheduled for 2014). Held at the Turkish American Association in Ankara, Turkey

  • “Dumb Blondes and Southern Belles: Women in Entertainment and the Un-American Activities Committees”
    Dr. K. Kevyne Baar
    Hacettepe University
    Department of American Culture and Literature
    Visiting Fulbright Lecturer

Friday, November 15, 2013

  • “American Power and Influence in the Post-9/11 Era"

Dr. Ersel Aydınlı

Associate Professor

Dept. of International Relations

Bilkent University

Executive Director, Turkish Fulbright Commission

Thursday, May 16, 2013

  • "Women Have the Right to Say: Tillie Olsen's Contributions to American Literature and Culture"
    Dr. Linda J. Strom
    Visiting Fulbright Scholar, Dept. of American Culture and Literature, Hacettepe University
    Friday, March 22, 2013
  • “Excavating Henry James”

Dr. Laurence Raw
Department of English Başkent University
Friday, January 4, 2012

  • "The Aftermath of the 2012 US Elections"

Friday, November 23, 2012

A Discussion Panel Featuring:

Onur Gökçe (Chair and Commentator)
Retired Ambassador and Diplomat
Lecturer, Department of International Relations, Bilkent University

Semih İdiz
Journalist, Milliyet Newspaper

Ersin Onulduran
Professor Emeritus, Department of International Relations
Ankara University

Edward G. Stafford
Political-Military Counselor
Political Affairs Section, U.S. Embassy, Ankara


Journal of American Studies of Turkey (2012- issues)

  • Issue 32 (general issue)
  • Issue 33-34 (on Adaptation)
  • Issue 35-36 (on Gore Vidal)
  • Issue 37 (general issue)
  • Issue 38 (on Transnational Feminisms)
  • Issue 41 (Spring 2015, General Issue)
  • Issue 42 (Fall 2015, Latino/a Studies)
  • Issue 43 (Winter 2016, Supplemental Book Review Issue)
  • Issue 44 (Sprıng 2016, General Issue)
  • Forthcoming: Issue 45 on F. Scott Fitzgerald (Fall 2016)

 Page updated Dec. 1, 2016


EAAS Biennial Conferences

Other Conferences

University of North Georgia, Dahlonega, 9-11 July 2018, Georgia USA

CFP (by February 16, 2018)


J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek

CFP (by  December 15, 2017)


Central European University and the University of Debrecen, 27-28 April 2018, Budapest, Hungary

CFP (by December 15, 2017)

University College Dublin

CFP (by January 22, 2018)

European Journal of American Studies

The European Journal of American Studies is the official journal of EAAS. It welcomes contributions from Americanists in Europe and elsewhere and aims at making available state-of-the-art research on all aspects of United States culture and society.

Read more at http://ejas.revues.org/.

European Views of the United States

European Views of the United States is the official book series of the EAAS.9783825365783       

We are proud to announce volumes 8, 9, 10 of the series:

Tanrisever, Ahu. Fathers, Warriors, and Vigilantes: Post-Heroism and the US Cultural Imaginary in the Twenty-First Century, vol. 10, 2016 (Rob Kroes Publication Award 2015).

Intercontinental Crosscurrents: Women's Networks across Europe and the Americas, eds. Julia Nitz, Sandra H. Petrulionis, and Theresa Schön, vol. 9, 2016.

America: Justice, Conflict, War, eds. Amanda Gilroy and Marietta Messmer, vol. 8, 2016 (The Hague Conference 2014).

Read more ...

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